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BOSHART YHBR & YHSS vs. YHS Standard Yard Hydrant Comparison

BOSHART YHBR & YHSS vs. YHS Standard Yard Hydrant Comparison

The YHBR Series yard hydrants are available in more bury depths as well as in high corrosion resistance YHSS series models . They are approximately 6” longer in overall length which raises the handle and spout to an easier to operate height while maintaining the same bury depth.


YHBR / YHSS Series draw straps are double zinc plated providing the best corrosion resistance.

The larger diameter increases the wear surface area and further reduces the rate of wear to ensure limited play in the linkage over a longer period. The YHS Series is more comparable to other brands with a smaller diameter hole at the pivot connector.

Specially cupped S.S. drive set screws ensure a positive grip on the S.S. operating rod on the YHBR / YHSS series, while the YHS series utilizes a zinc plated bolt and brass operating rod.

The adjustment screw / bolt system makes for EASY linkage adjustment! Both the YHBR / YHSS and YHS series can be easily adjusted WITHOUT disassembly! A real advantage over some brands of yard hydrants on the market where the entire linkage must be taken apart to adjust and reassembled to test. Often this needs to be repeated until it is correct, making a simple adjustment a very time-consuming ordeal.

The YHBR and YHSS yard hydrants with the S.S. rods offer the best possible corrosion and wear resistance. The YHS Series has a brass operating rod which is more comparable to other brands on the market.

Both Boshart YHBR / YHSS and YHS models have interchangeable American Standard #204 Nitrile Buna-N O-rings. The YHBR / YHSS series hydrants have polished stainless steel operating rods which have greater resistance to wear or damage due to scratching, which can cause premature wear on the O-ring seals.

All Boshart's hydrants have a definite advantage over yard hydrants that use a stem packing system. The graphite packing is almost impossible to dig out when seal replacement is required.

The YHBR and YHSS yard hydrants have S.S. Hex Couplings to offer the best possible corrosion resistance. The YHS Series are more comparable with other makes on the market with Zinc Plated Hex Couplings.

YHBR Series hydrants are always made with ASTM A53 pipe. The YHS-Series hydrants along with many others on the market are using standpipes with slightly thinner wall pipe. The YHSS series design has high corrosion resistance with an upgraded 1" 304 S.S. Sch. 40 standpipe and 304 S.S. connecting rod and Hex Coupling. An excellent choice for industrial and agricultural (hog and dairy barn) wash down applications.

YHBR / YHSS series hydrants are among the few that have added protection against corrosion.

The YHBR / YHSS plunger with its three-groove design reduces the risk of the rubber detaching from the stainless-steel core. The self-lubricating water groove prolongs the life of the plunger.

The YHS Series has been upgraded to a 3-groove design which is superior to many hydrants. It has a brass core which is common among other brands. Both are quick and easy to replace after years of service.

Boshart Industries has greater control of the YHBR & YHSS series hydrant production and conducts testing at a facility in Milverton, Ontario. The YHS series are monitored by our Quality Assurance department to ensure their quality is high and consistent.

If you are looking for a top quality, competitively priced yard hydrant, our YHBR / YHSS series hydrants are the way to go. The YHS allows you to compete with some of the lesser quality brands with a product that is superior in many ways and incorporates many notable features.

For the BEST of BOTH WORLDS – carry all three lines YHS “Good,” YHBR “Better” & YHSS “Best”. They all have a proven track record of providing many years of service.

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