Well Water Systems

What is the function of torque arrestors in a well water system?

Torque arrestors are a water-well component that prevents wear and tear which start up torque can cause in a submersible pump application.

Boshart torque arrestors are installed directly above the pump on the riser pipe. They are designed to keep the submersible pump centered and to prevent twisting in the well casing. Boshart offers two models: the standard TA48 and a heavier TA48D deluxe pattern. Both models can be used on 1" or 1-1/4" riser pipe and are adjustable for use in 4" up through 8” inner diameter well casings. A special TA48-20 three-piece torque arrestor is available for 2" riser pipe applications.

To install the torque arrestor, clamp the bottom of the torque arrestor onto the pipe just above the pump. Slide the top down, expanding the rubber torque arrestor until it is equal to or slightly larger than the inside diameter of the well casing. Tighten the top clamp in place. Then, the torque arrestor is ready to keep your pump centered. The friction fit stops movement due to torque that could cause damage to your pump wire.

In summary, the function of torque arrestors in a well water system is to:

  • Keep the submersible pump centered
  • Prevent the pump from twisting the riser pipe in the well casing
  • Absorb shock, protecting the pipe column components
  • Adapt for use in wells from 4” up through 8” inner diameter well casing