What are the adjustment ranges for a PS02 Series pressure switch?

The pressure range of a PS02 Series pressure switch is adjustable, however ALL settings must fall withing the allowable adjustment range parameters as detailed below.

  • The CUT-IN can be set within 5 to 45
  • The CUT-OUT can be set within 20 to 65 PSI
  • The differential range is 15-30 PSI

Copied below is a link to the PS02 Series pressure switch data sheet which includes the adjustable ranges


For instructions on how to adjust a pressure switch visit the following link.

How do I adjust the CUT-IN and CUT-OUT settings of a Pressure Switch? (boshart.com)

For example, the following pressure range settings are within the adjustment parameters.

5 CUT-IN to 20 CUT-OUT (15 PSI differential)

10 CUT-IN to 40 CUT-OUT (30 PSI differential)

50 CUT-IN to 65 CUT-OUT (15 PSI differential)

35 CUT-IN to 65 CUT-OUT (30 PSI differential)

However, the settings below are NOT within the published parameters.

5 CUT-IN to 19 CUT-OUT (14 PSI differential is out of range)

10 CUT-IN to 41 CUT-OUT (31 PSI differential is out of range)

51 CUT-IN to 65 CUT-OUT (14 PSI differential and the cut in is out of range)

45 CUT-IN to 75 CUT-OUT (30 PSI differential – however the cut out is out of range)