How to Apply PTFE Thread Seal Tape.

P.T.F.E. thread sealing tape is ideal for making a watertight connection on metal fitting NPT pipe joints.

WARNING: P.T.F.E. (Teflon*) thread seal tape is not recommended for making NPT threaded connections when using Schedule 40 or 80 PVC threaded pipe fittings! Wrapping P.T.F.E. tape adds bulk and lubricates the joint, both of which increase the risk of cracking the female PVC fitting.

PREPARATION: Before wrapping the pipe thread make sure the threads are not damaged, are clean and free of foreign debris.


Holding the fitting or nipple in your left hand apply P.T.F.E. thread sealant tape to the male threads. Hold the end of the tape securely in place using your thumb. Pull tape tight so that if forms into the threads and start wrapping in the direction of the threads (clockwise for right hand threads). Wrapping the pipe in the opposite direction that you will screw it into the fitting will prevent the tape from unraveling during assembly.

Start the first wrap ensuring the tape fully covers the end of the thread, partially wrapping around the end of the fitting , but not covering the opening. Wrapping the entire thread will reduce the risk of seizing or galling prior to proper joint make up.

Maintain tension on the tape, ensuring that it is snugly wrapped around the thread and forms into the thread profile, as you wrap the tape 3-5 revolutions overlapping the tape, work gradually away from the end of the thread to completely cover the thread.