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Making a leak proof Stainless Steel threaded connection.

Boshart Industries highly recommends the use of our GRAY STAINLESS STEEL TEFLON TAPE and GRAY MAGIC PIPE THREADED COMPOUND together for the joining of all Stainless-Steel fittings, nipples and well supplies.

STAINLESS STEEL THREAD SEALING - Due to the extreme hardness of stainless alloys, and the issues regarding galling, the sealing of S.S. threaded connections can be much more challenging than when working with brass and or bronze alloy fittings. The following information will greatly reduce the problems and frustration that first time users of stainless fittings and accessories sometimes have. The information below explains the issues with sealing stainless to stainless thread connections, and will greatly reduce the learning curve, ensuring a smooth transition into using stainless steel products.

GALLING -  What is galling? Stainless steel fittings exhibit many desirable properties a common problem is seizing or pick-up on assembly or disassembly. This phenomenon is known as galling. It is thought to be caused by cold welding of the high points of clean, oxide free metal left when the oxide film is dislodged by surfaces rubbing against each other, especially when threading mating parts of the same grade and surface hardness.



This tape has a gray colored, nickel pigment added for use on all stainless-steel fittings. Specially designed to prevent galling, seizing and corrosion. A quality tape with a high-density rating makes this tape an excellent product for sealing coarse stainless steel pipe threads. TT260-SS (1/2" x 260"x .004")