Will your Sediment and or Taste and Odor Carbon Filters make my water safe to drink?


It is extremely important to understand that the traditional sediment and taste and odor cartridges sold by Boshart are not “WATER TREATMENT FILTRATION SYSTEMS” the filtration products we sell only remove undesirable sediment and or taste and odor from the water. They will improve the appearance , smell and taste. If the water entering our filtration devices is Microbiological Unsafe it will still be Microbiological Unsafe when it comes out, it may look clean and clear and taste much better, but it has not removed the microbiological contaminants.

IMPORTANT: One must always start by having the water tested to confirm that it is potable (safe for drinking and cooking) from a microbiological standpoint. Boshart is not qualified to provide guidance or comment on the water quality reports. If the water is deemed safe, we can proceed with addressing the sediment and taste and odor issues. However, if it is not safe, they will have to work with a water treatment expert to have a water treatment system installed, typically this will be either a UV filtration system or an RO system (we do not sell these water treatment system).

As mentioned, our filtration products only further improve the appearance, smell and or taste of “SAFE” drinking water! That said the installation of a sediment filter at the point of entry (whole house filter) A 10” standard or 10” giant housing depending on the flow rate desired. I would suggest installing a 10-micron spun poly cartridge in this first POE housing. However, if this water if going through a U.V. filtration system a 5-micron cartridge is required prior to entering the UV filter (to be confirmed by the UV filtration system provider).

Note if the water supply is from a water well that is producing a significant sediment load, the installation of a SPIN-OUT filter as a Pre-Filter in series at the point of entry (right after the pressure tank will help reduce overall filtration costs.


If taste and odors are not an issue, sediment removal all that is required to solve a n appearance /particulate problem. However, if taste and odor issues are also a problem, they will have to determine whether the odor issues are a problem to the point that it affects all the faucets such as bathroom sinks and showers. In the event the water needs to have taste and odours filtered out to all faucets in the house then a giant carbon cartridge will be required in plumbed in series at the point of entry (whole house). If taste and odor only need to be addressed on the cold-water drinking water faucets, then a standard 10” filter would be installed at the point of use POU to reduce the cost of taste and odour removal by only using this as a finishing filter for the drinking water only.

See the four diagrams below for possible layout concepts.