Will a 2” Pitless Adapter have enough clearance to install 4” submersible pump in a 5” and 6” well casing?

Let’s start by addressing 6” well casing first. Yes, both the Boshart PA-200NL (2” NL Bronze) and the P-200-SS (2” 304 Stainless Steel) Pitless Adapters leave clearance of 4.5” in diameter as shown in the diagram below. A standard 4” submersible pump will have sufficient clearance for the pump to pass by the slide inside the well casing when lowering the pump during installation. 

However, in a 5” well casing there is only 3.325” clearance not enough for a 4” submersible pump to pass by the slide. The pump diameter would have to be limited to a 3” submersible pump .

INSTALLATION: In both 5” and 6” well casing installations ”normal installation practices” will not work for the 2" Pitless Adapters. The well casing diameter is too small to allow the slide to be lowered with the Pitless assembled and using the elbow and lift out connection. The diagrams below show the interference. The Pitless slide would need to lowered and inserted through the hole in the casing with out the elbow attached. The 6” slide has a lot of clearance.