Why a clamps with a 1/2” wide band preform / seal better than clamps with a 9/16” wide band.

Unfortunately, there is a great deal of miss leading information on this topic. In this article we will explain using “factual science” the why behind 9/16” wide band clamps when torqued equally at 60-inch lbs. provide less sealing pressure onto the insert fitting barbs than ½” wide bands.

We will also address three miss leading claims made by Ideal. The claims are…

#1 – Wider Band, greater Strength. – This claim that a wider band / increased material content provides greater strength SHOULD be true in theory.

FACT: The benefit of more raw material was lost due to poor design. (See a deep dive into “The WEAKEST Link” information at the end of this article)

#2 – Prevents cold Flow Leakage. - It is true that the wider 9/16” band covers a 12.5% more sealing surface.

FACT: Covering more surface area has a negative effect on the sealing force / pressure applied to the insert fitting barbs (serrations) When the same 60 in pound assembly torque is applied to the worm screw, the same force is them applied to a larger surface area of the wider band, spreading out the force over a larger footprint reduces the actual pounds per square of clamping force. (See the Pressure Control Without Leakage (PSI) Chart published by Breeze below)