Yard Hydrants

Where are the tapped hydrant elbows and tees used?

NOTE: Tapped hydrant Elbow and Tee fittings are NOT used in yard hydrant installations!

Tapped hydrant fittings will have a -TNL on the end of the part number (No-Lead Bronze) or -T (304 S.S.). This tapping a ¼”-18 TPI NPT tapered pipe thread to ASME B1.20.1 (1/4” FPT).

These fitting are used to install different types of fittings, valves, and accessories for many special applications, including but not limited to monitor system pressure, installing feed pumps lines, and monitoring accessories such as Pete’s Plugs for taking both temperature and pressure readings.

The hydrant elbows and tees are used to manufacture these tapped fittings due to the thick wall section in the raised area which allows for the tapping of the fitting.