What mesh rating do I need for my SPIN-OUT Filter or Separator Filter?

This chart is helpful when selecting a suitable mesh screen size for your SPIN-OUT filter application.

For removal of sediment smaller than the 1000 Mesh / 15 Micron range limit of a SPIN-OUT type filter, a finishing filter installed in series will be required. The SPIN-OUT filter is a PRE-FILTER that will remove the heavy load of sediment can be flushed out of the holding reservoir through the purge valve. The purpose of the pre-filter is to prevent the finishing filter from clogging prematurely, reducing your overall filtration costs. It is ideal to remove sufficient sediment prior to entering a FINISHING-FILTER with a 10 – 5- or 1-micron finishing filter cartridge, the goal is to have the sediment filter cartridge last approximately 6 months at which time replacement is required to ensure prevent bacteria build up.

This chart provides the equivalent micron and the opening size of the mesh screens. The use of a Pleated, String Wound or Spun-Poly Depth Cartridge are all suitable options for the finishing filter