What is the Pressure – Temperature Rating for your series GMC, BLMC & BLHMC Merchant Couplings?

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide a pressure-temperature rating for the GMC, BLMC & BLHMC series steel merchant couplings / half couplings based on an published industry standard. The couplings are manufactured to the ASTM A865 Standard, which does not provide these ratings. Since we do not know the specific service conditions, applicable codes and or regulations which apply to the user’s application, we are unable to provide a definite answer.

The information below is to be used as a guide only, it is not a recommendation for application of our product.  The user is responsible for compliance with applicable laws, regulations and codes and should consult the piping designer.

Pressure – Temperature Ratings for ASTM Continuous Weld Standard Merchant Couplings – Straight Tapped NPSC to Standard B1.20.1

 It is our understanding that it is industry practice to limit use of these couplings to:

#1 – For liquids not more hazardous than water at pressures less than 250 PSI (1.72 MPa) at temperatures less than 150° F (65°C)

#2 – For non-lethal gas or vapour or a non-lethal liquid not covered in #1. The pressure must be less than 15 PSI (103 kPa)