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What is the pressure rating for the Class 125 Cast Bronze Threaded Pipe Fittings?

The Class 125 Cast Bronze Threaded Pipe fittings are for steam, water, oil and air service.

Rated at 125 PSI at the highest allowable temperature of 400° F. At lower temperatures the allowable pressure increases to a maximum of 200 PSI at temperatures of 150° (65.5°C) and lower, as per the ANSI / ASME B16.15 - TABLE 1 PRESSURE / TEMPERATURE RATINGS copied below.


#1 - Rating are independant of the contained fluid and are the maximum Non-Shock pressures at the tabulated temperatures. Intermediate ratings maybe obtained by linear interpolation between the temperatures shown.

#2 - The temperature shown for the corresponding pressure rating shall be the material temperature of the pressure retaining structure. It may be assumed that the material temperature is the same as the fluid temperature. Use of a pressure rating at a material other than that of the contained fluid is the responsibility of the user and subject to the requirements of any applicable codes and regulations.

#3 - The use of cored plugs and hexegon or octagon head bushings should be limited to Class 125 pipe fittings. Solid Plugs and face bushings are recommended for use with Class 250 pipe fittings.