Pipe Nipples

What is the maximum working pressure for 304 SS pipe nipples?

FOR REFERENCE ONLY! This information is a reference guide only. Specifying the correct pipe schedule and pressure class of fittings depends on many factors. It is the ultimate responsibility of the end user's piping engineer to specify the correct pipe schedule and pressure class of fitting which will meet the maximum operating pressures and temperatures of the system for safe operation in the intended application. 


1) All working pressures are non-shock. The allowable pressures were calculated based on formulas and allowable stress as specified in the ASME B31.3 Process Piping Code. 

2) Considerations were taken into account for the wall thickness material removed by threading. No allowances were made for corrosion, erosion, mechanical loads, and/or bending moments. 

3) If temperatures and or working pressures higher than listed can be anticipated, consult the end users piping engineer.