What is the lowest temperature that Wall Hydrants are rated for?

Wall hydrants a.k.a Frost-Free Wall Hydrants, Wall Faucets, Lawn Faucets do not have a minimum operating temperature rating!

All of Boshart’ wall hydrants including Series 0861, 0861BR, 0863, 0865, 0865P multi-turn and 08QTWH05, 08QTWH05P and 08QTWH07 quarter-turn wall hydrants and any other make or model on the market for that matter are only “Frost-Free” by shutting off the water supply in the heated interior of the building and by draining the water from the tube downstream of the shutoff valve.

If there is no heat at the shut off valve inside the building the hydrant is at risk of freezing and subject to freezing damage. Only, when properly installed will the valve be “Frost Free”.

For a wall hydrant to function properly, the following installation and operation requirements must be followed:

#1 - The inlet connection that houses the shut off valve must be located inside the wall of the building and in a space in which above freezing temperature are always maintained.

#2 - Non-Heated, or seasonally heated areas such as crawl spaces, garages and vacation homes / cottages where the valve maybe subjected to freezing temperatures for even a very short period of time must have further protection against freezing installed so that the wall hydrant and piping (both upstream and down stream) to the wall hydrant can be drained for the winter, this requires the installation of a stop & waste valve in an area that will never be subjected to freezing temperatures. The piping MUST be manually drained prior to the outside temperatures reaching the freezing point.

#3 -The wall hydrant tube must be installed with minimum of 5° downward angle to the outlet hose connection (Garden hose thread) will always drain completely.

#4 - A garden hose must never be left attached to the wall hydrant outlet if there is a chance of reaching freezing temperatures even for a short period of time in the overnight hours. Make sure to remove a hose after use in the shoulder season prior to any exposure to freezing temperatures.

#5 - Outlet-mounted devices such as hose splitters, manifolds, sprinkler timers, or any other hose threaded external shutoff valves must NEVER be used. These can create sudden, excess backpressure, which could damage the wall hydrants internal components. When installed, they're often overlooked in preparation for freezing temperatures, and when left in place, prevent the hydrant from draining.