What gauge of pump cable do I need?

For the reasons detailed below Boshart Industries Inc. does not recommend what size (gauge) of pump cable to be used in any installation and can only direct you to contact your pump manufacturer to get the proper wire sizing information, we would not want to make a recommendation based on generic rule of thumb information that may not provide you the installer with the same information your pump manufacturer would recommend.

Sizing pump cable: 

The question has been raised that the Canadian wire code for pump wire sizing uses a different % voltage drop than the U.S. uses.

The key thing to keep in mind is that the manufacturing specifications for pump cable are different in the Canadian standards than in the U.S. standards, a key difference is in the insulation specifications. – Therefore a #12 average cable maybe specified, however the cable must also carry the applicable certifications as outlined by local electrical codes for the area in which the installation will take place.

The main factors to size pump cable by are as follows:

#1 – Pump cable to be installed in Canada must be CSA certified, while Pump cable to be installed in the U.S.A. must be UL certified

#2 – Beyond the cable having the appropriate approvals the wire sizing MUST be obtained from the “Pump Manufacturer” wire sizing recommendations may vary to some degree between pump manufacturers. It is very important to ensure your installation meets the pump manufactures recommendations with regard to wire sizing recommendations, failure to do so could result in your pump warranty been void.