Rope Hanger Installation

Rope Hangers are a unique item, invented by Mel Boshart, and are only available thru Boshart Industries, they were design to meet a need of well system installers looking for an easier method of attaching the safety rope securely to the well casing at the well head, rather than fastening the safety rope to other internal components, such as an easy tie insert adapter which is threaded into the Pitless adapter. The rope hanger is installed on the top of the well casing does not rely on the structural strength of any other well component and allows the unobstructed installation of a well cap over the rope hanger onto the well casing, the rope hanger is easily removed from the well and set aside when the pump is being pulled from the well for service or replacement.

Installation is easy, the steps are as follows:

1# - Install the lower ring assembly of your well cap, following the manufacturers installation instructions. (The top of the caps lower ring assembly should be flush or level with the top edge of the well casing)

#2 – Set the STRH-6 on top of the well casing the profile of the rope hanger will center it in the well casing. (There is no drilling or taping required)

#3 - Affix the safety rope by looping through the two holes through the center support bar of the rope hanger and tie off with a secure knot.