How do I repair my leaking or malfunctioning wall hydrant?

To repair a leaking or malfunctioning wall hydrant, the first and most important thing that needs to be done is to confirm the make / model number to ensure the right replacement parts are ordered! Make and model number should be on the Identification Disc. on the hand wheel.

if your wall hydrant is...

Leaking out of the Garden Hose Connection thread when “OFF”
• Faucet will not shut off:
• Cause: worn out washer or broken faucet seat
• The recommended repair is to replace the Freeze-Proof Plunger (a.k.a. Check Valve) Assembly. Or it maybe easier to simply replace the entire Stem Assembly, especially if you notice wear on any of the other components.

Leaking out of the packing nut (bonnet):

  • Cause: loose packing nut or worn out stem packing seal.
  • Replace stem packing, if there is wear on other components replacing the entire stem assembly is suggested.

Leaking out of the Vacuum Breaker Cap (Air-Vent):

  • Cause: worn, broken or missing parts vacuum breaker parts
  • Repair by removing old parts & replacing with new assembly kit.

Leaking out of the Weep Hole during use:

  • Cause: worn out o-ring on the check assembly. This happens over time or if the faucet is left “ON” for long periods of time.
  • Replace with new plunger (a.k.a. new check assembly) Or replace the full stem assembly if there is wear on any of the other components.