How do I properly install a Compression Ball Valve?

How to install a Compression Ball Valve 

VALVE ORIENTATION: Ball valves may be installed vertical or horizontal pipe runs are bi-directional therefore flow direction is not critical, however the best practice is to set up the valve handle to point in the direction of flow whenever possible. The valve stem orientation is not critical, however any deviation from vertical is a compromise. Installation upside down is not recommended because it can cause dirt to accumulate by the stem packing. The best practice is to install with the valve stem facing upwards whenever possible.    


#1 – Inspect the ball valve ports, seating surfaces and sockets to ensure they are clean and free of foreign debris.

#2 – Operate the valve from fully open to fully closed position.   

#3 – Ensure the Copper, CPVC, PEX or PE-RT pipe ends being inserted into the valve are square cut, clean and free of burrs, foreign material.  

#4 – In preparation for inserting copper pipe, the pipe ends should be thoroughly cleaned with steel wool or emery cloth.  

#5 – Insert the pipe through the compression nut and compression sleeve, fully into the compression end until you feel the pipe contact the stop.   

When installing PEX or PE-RT pipe, support inserts also called stiffeners must be inserted into the pipe to ensure the pipe is round and has the support required to make a compression connection. 

Make sure that the pipe is aligned with the valve and remains seated firmly against the stop.       

#6  - Tighten the compression nut by hand until finger tight, a drop of lubricating oil will ease nut assembly. Make sure the pipe remains seated firmly against the stop during the tightening process.      


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Then using a smooth jaw open end or adjustable wrench tighten an additional ½ to ¾ turn, further tightening should be done in small increments checking for leaks after each adjustment. You can always tighten a compression fitting more, but you should never loosen a compression nut on the valve body. You should only need tighten a compression fitting 1-1/4 turns at the most. Never use a pipe wrench or pliers on compression nut as it could distort the nut compromising the valve body joint connection.