How Do I install a WTCL-C08 8” Premium Cast Iron Water-Tight Well Cap?

The WTCL-C08 industrial well cap is designed for both STEEL & PVC well casing with a 8-5/8" O.D. You will require two 9/16” wrenchs and a 5/32” allen wrench

Step 1 - Using two 9/16” wrenches, remove the six bolts (FIG.A) and remove cover by lifting upward at the rear of the cap and sliding it forward to release the top cover from the locking tab (FIG.I).

Step 2 - Flip back the rubber gasket (FIG.B). No need to remove the ground bolt and ring terminals (FIG.C) from middle ring to expose the 4 bolts which hold the center ring and the lower ring castings together. Using a 9/16” wrench, loosen bolts until there is no compression on the rubber casing gasket seal.

NOTE: Do NOT remove the square nuts. The nuts are recessed into lower ring casting to ensure the well cap is tamper proof, the nuts will not turn when tightening the bolts.

Step 3 - Place lower assembly onto the well casing (FIG.C) slide down until the casing contacts the casing stops at the top of the middle ring casting.

NOTE: Casing should be cut off straight and be free of burrs to ensure a proper fit.

Step 4 - Tighten four bolts hand tight then tighten an additional two turns in the sequence shown (FIG.D) to compress the casing gasket equally between the lower and middle ring to make a watertight seal.

NOTE: The lower well cap assembly will be secure you should not be able to twist or lift the lower assembly by hand. If the lower assembly can be moved tighten each bolt one additional turn and repeat until the assembly is tight on the well casing.

Step 5 - Tighten three grounding set screws in the lower ring (FIG.E) using a 5/32” allen wrench

NOTE: Grounding set screws are only effective in steel well casing applications.

Caution: Grounding requirements may vary depending on state or local electrical codes - Always check and follow your local electrical codes, and contact your electrical inspector for details.

Step 6 - Reposition the top cover gasket over the four bolt heads in middle ring (FIG.F).