Do your ball valves have a CFM air flow rating?

Unfortunately we are not able to provide an air flow rating for our ball velves. What we can provide is the port size for the various models of ball vlaves we offer. When air flow is a concern we recommend that you install a "Full Port" ball valve, you should avoid standard and or reduced port vlaves to ensure there is minimal flow restriction through the valve. 
Airflow rating, or flow rate, is most commonly measured in cubic feet per minute (CFM), It is the rating for the amount of airflow a fan can produce per minute. CFM is the most common form of measurement when speaking about ventilation, heating, and cooling. 
The question also comes up when selecting vlaves and piping for pneumatic tools. Every pneumatic tool is rated for CFM, or “Cubic Feet Per Minute”, and the same goes for air compressors. CFM represents the volume of air that is produced by your air compressor or required by your air tool.
It can be tough to know how many CFM you need in an air compressor and the size of piping and valves to provide sufficent air flow to operate your air tools most effectively. Too little CFM and you won’t be able to run your tools continuously—or at all!—and too much CFM could mean you’ve overspent on your air compressor and piping system.
To determine the ball valve size required start by hjaving your system designer determine the size of piping that you will need to transfer suffiecent air flow, then match the "full port" ball valve size to the selected piping.