Do you have 304 Stainless Steel SWEAT x PEX adapters?

No! We do not have a SWEAT x PEX S.S. adapter. S.S. fitting are not suitable for soldering. One must use either a mechanical coupler or a Wrot Copper SWEAT x PEX adapter.

There are several options that can be used to transition from copper pipe to PEX Pipe. Below are four great options. When the transition has been made from copper to PEX, all the PEX fittings, either up or down stream in the plumbing system can be 304 S.S.

#1 – Use a CTS Brass Push-Fit Coupling (BPF-CxxNL)

#2 – Use a Brass Compression Fitting (BC-62-xx)

#3 – Use a Plastic Twist-Lock Fitting (PTL-C05)

#4 – Use a Wrot Copper Female SWEAT x PEX adapter (Not carried by Boshart Industries)