Can You Use the BPF Series Brass Push-Fit Fittings Underground?

Can You Use the BPF Series Brass Push-Fit Fittings Underground?

Yes, the BPF series brass push-fit fittings are manufactured from corrosion-resistant, lead-free brass. An EPDM O-ring provides a positive seal, while the stainless steel grab ring ensures the pipe is held securely.

Special requirements for underground installation:

It is important that the fittings are properly wrapped when making an underground installation. Wrapping with a quality silicone tape will help the connection last by providing an impervious barrier between the fitting and the soil. This is true for all brands of brass push-fit fittings.

The best practice is to wrap ALL underground connections. It provides protection when there are unknown or adverse soil contaminants which will accelerate the rate of corrosion of the brass fitting. It is very important to wrap all underground fittings for warranty protection, failure to properly wrap brass push-fit fittings will void the warranty!

How to wrap fittings with silicone tape

Always follow the silicone wrap manufacturer's installation instructions, in case they vary from the basic instructions provided below.

  • Select a high quality, self-fusing, formaldehyde and chloride-free, fully cured, silicone tape with a minimum thickness of 0.020".
  • Pull and stretch the tape as you wrap the silicone tape around the fitting.
  • Make sure to overlap the tape and wrap the tape a minimum of 1 inch past the end of the fitting onto the pipe on each end.
  • Completely cover the fitting by pulling the tape tight and removing the protective film. NOTE: The tape will bond to itself within minutes and will cement itself within a few hours, creating a barrier from potential soil contaminants.
  • The best practice for back filling is to use clean sand free of rocks, debris or any sharp objects that could cause damage to the fitting or pipe due to impact or abrasion.

BPF brass push-fit fittings are compatible with multiple types of pipe including:

  • PEX ⊕
  • Copper
  • CPVC
  • PE-RT ⊕
  • SDR-9 HDPE ⊕

⊕ The BPF series fittings have an integral pipe stiffener that must be installed to support PEX, PE-RT, and HDPE tubing. This ensures the pipe maintains a round profile which is crucial to ensure the O-ring seals properly on the outside of the pipe.

NOTE: The PEX stiffener is not required for use with CPVC and copper tubing, however, the CPVC and copper tubing will fit over the PEX stiffener easily. It is not mandatory to remove the stiffener when using these types of tubing although some installers choose to do so to reduce friction loss due the reduction in diameter through the stiffener.