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Can I weld on a malleable iron fitting?

Yes, malleable cast irons are weldable. However, just because you could does not mean you should! One MUST NOT weld on a malleable iron pipe fitting installed in a pressurized system! The structural integrity of the fitting WILL be altered!  

Welding on malleable iron fittings must be limited to fittings used for non-Pressurized applications only such as hand railings for example. Welding malleable iron fittings will require special weld rods / electrodes to obtain acceptable weld metal, maximum strength or for thick sections. Extreme care should be taken to limit weld penetration, otherwise cracking may occur. All cast iron welding requires skill and experience.

WARNING: Welding on malleable iron fittings will void all pipe fitting warranties! All risks and consequences resulting from welding are the sole responsibly of the welder and / or end user of the modified product.    


NOTICE: We are not welding experts and therefore we cannot offer advice on the type of weld rods to be used or the proper techniques / best practices for welding malleable iron. We recommend that you seek guidance form a qualified licenced professional, with experience in welding malleable iron.