Can I add a remote notification light to my 850 Series liquid level alarm?

Yes, a low voltage strobe light beacon can be easily added to either an 850H high level or 850L low level alarm. The beacon shown below can be supplied as a special-order item. Contact your Boshart sales representative.


1-Zone Flood Alarm with Strobe Light Beacon - This application example shows an 850H Alarm 1-Zone Flood Alarm with a Float Switch (Sump Pump application) or with either an 850-WSF Water Sensor (Shown in the diagram below) or 850-WSP Water sensor Probe Flood Sensor installed in a utility room and Strobe Beacon installed in an office for remote alarm notification.

When connecting the strobe beacon to a 1-zone alarm panel, the red (+/positive) wire is connected to terminal C and the black (-/negative) wire is connected to terminal 2. The field installed flood sensor (signaling device) is connected to terminals C and 1.

When water activates the flood sensor, an alarm condition occurs. During an alarm condition, the red alarm LED will illuminate, buzzer will annunciate, and auxiliary contacts on the alarm panel will activate. The strobe beacon will illuminate when the alarm panel is in an alarm condition, providing remote notification of an alarm condition in the monitoring area

Description of Operation:

The Strobe Beacon is an indoor and outdoor rated LED alarm beacon for remote notification of an alarm condition. The beacon comes fully assembled from the factory. Use only with Boshart 850H high Level or 850L Low Level alarm monitoring systems, rated 6-12VDC.