Can a 850H High Level Alarm or a 850L Low Level Alarm be used to start or stop a pump?

Yes, a 850H High Level Alarm or a 850L Low Level Alarm be used to start or stop a pump, the 850 series alarm enclosures are rated for indoor installation only. A pump can be controlled by using the low voltage auxiliary contacts to send a signal to activate a relay that would open or close the contacts which power the pump.

IMPORTANT: The auxiliary contacts are only good for 24vdc or 24vac at 100 milliamps, so using this alarm you would have to pull in a relay that matches these limitations and that has contacts can handle the higher voltage and amps required to power the pump.

APPLICATION: A typical application for the 850H High Level Alarm would be for filling tank application, on water rise, the float switch would set off alarm light and / or audible alarm when holding tank reaches 90% capacity (normal alarm function). At the same time the auxiliary contacts would send a signal to a relay that would stop the pump preventing the overfilling of the tank.

RELAY SELECTION: The appropriate relay for your application will need to be selected and provided by your electrician or local electrical wholesaler. You may need NC relay (Contacts Normally Closed) or a NO (Contacts Normally Open) depending on whether you want to start or stop the pump.

Hazardous voltage can shock, burn or cause death. Electrical equipment should only be installed and or serviced by a licensed electrician in conformance with all national and local electrical codes.

No responsibility is assumed by Boshart Industries for any consequences arising our of the use / miss-use of this product.


 If you are looking for a more industrial solution or need the alarm to be installed outdoors there are control panels avialable with NEMA 4X (Outdoor Enclosure) in addition to the standard NEMA 1 (Indoor Enclosure)