Are the stainless-steel ball valves approved for use with propane or natural gas?


Boshart Industries stocks three lines of stainless-steel ball valves SSBV304, SSBV1000 & SSBV2000 series.

These S.S. Ball Valves are NOT SUITABLE for use in a propane (LP) or natural gas (NG) system!

For use in a propane or natural gas system the valves must be third party certified by CSA to one or more of the gas approvals. In addition, the valve body MUST have the proper corresponding gas approval marking molded into the casting. If the valve does not have the mark, it cannot be used in these systems.

Gas Approvals / Markings

All gas valves must be 3rd party certifies to the applicable standard that covers the intended application. The CSA logo has replaced the older CGA and AGA markings. The CSA logo must have the C or US logo to indicate it was tested to the Canadian or US standard. Most valves will have both C and UL marking below the log as detailed below.

Glossary of Approvals / Markings on Valves

Below is a brief description of each of the rating marks on the gas valves.